about me...

21 years old.

computer nerd since 1999, from basic to c++ and back. (check out my github page) linux is my only true love - but windows is eh-okeho (beside outlook, outlook is just bull-crap.)

electronic nerd since 2003, mostly hf and hv stuff :) - but also if it's blinking, I'm in.

blockchain and cryptocurrency freak since 2012, spend my first mined coins on a pci-e expander. (0.2 BTC) - then i lost my wallet. kids, trust me - do BACKUPS!

if you want to get in touch with me, just write a mail - or contact me via XMPP.

stupid ideas

one of my projects is a weather prediciting neural net. thanks to zamg for providing those beautifull heat/rain/wind/cloud maps.

next one, is my home brew capacitor bank - 14100µF at 385V >:3 - good enough for spot welding some 18650 and some other weird shit. i'm wondering if I'll go to jail if I'd build a railgun lol

annnd the final idea - a XMR auction platform. (for physical items) - just like ebay - i really need to take a look at nodejs for that.